Why Schools Need a Title IX Lawyer

A school must initiate an investigation after receiving a complaint about sexual harassment or assault. In many cases this can lead to an extensive and complex disciplinary proceeding that includes multiple meetings with the investigators, hearings or sanction boards, student panels, and punishments ranging from loss of accommodation, suspension to expulsion. When students face accusations of sexual misconduct, a Title IX Lawyer is crucial to ensure that their rights are protected.

A Title IX Lawyer can make sure that the accused is given a fair investigation and a proper hearing. They can also help with the gathering of evidence and the development of a strong case that will help to protect the accused from any false accusations. In addition, a good Title IX Lawyer Carbondale can help to find any inconsistencies or other evidence that could cast doubt on the accuser’s credibility, which is important because schools often use hearsay testimony and a lower standard of proof than a criminal court would.

Even if someone is found to be responsible for a violation Title IX rules they have a right to appeal. This is true, especially if the sanctions imposed by the school are unwarranted or out-of-proportion to the violation.

A Title IX Lawyer with extensive experience can assist in preparing and filing a successful appeal. They can help in negotiating a resolution that is informal, which may be better than harsh penalties.

Title IX is a federal law that prohibits a number of discriminatory actions in schools, universities, colleges and other federally funded institutions. These include sexual harassment, rape, and discrimination on the basis of race, gender, age, religion, disability, or sex in education programs or activities. Tamara Holder is a leading Title IX attorney who can help you determine whether you have a case under the law, and what options you have.

The worst that can happen is for a school to lose all federal funds. It is rare for a school to lose all federal funding, but it can happen.

A school that does NOT comply with the rule can lose money, including for tuition, housing, food, and any scholarship or grant. They may lose their eligibility to receive athletic or merit scholarships.

A Title IX attorney with experience can defend students accused of violating the rules. They can assist you with the preparation for an appeal, and ensure the school follows all requirements in relation to the investigation and hearings. They can also ensure that no retaliation against the complainant, or anyone else involved in this process, is taken. Moreover, they can ensure that the accused’s access to federal student assistance is not denied. The firm has successfully represented numerous college and university student against allegations of sexual abuse, harassment, and other Title IX violation. Contact them today to see how they can help you.

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