Types Of Drum Mixers

Drum Mixers are useful for a wide range of tasks and come in various sizes. Larger drums are employed by large companies, while smaller models are ideal for smaller companies with limited floor space. The types of drums available are described below. They can be used to mix viscous materials and agitate them.

Even Mix are used primarily in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries to mix a range of substances. They can also be used to make adhesive and cement slurries. Other industries that often make use of drum mixers include food cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and food. They can be used to blend a wide variety of materials, including ice cream.

A drum mixer is great for mixing up materials in small batches. The machine can be easily transported and used in a factory setting. It can be folded down to store it. This feature is useful when transporting the mixer to locations for work. This lets workers mix materials at their job places. This can reduce the cost of transportation.

Mixing various products is possible with INDCO drum mixers. They can be fitted with either pneumatic or electric motors. They have high-efficiency axial flow impellers that are ideal for mixing medium to low viscous products. Different impeller types are available to fit different products. If you’re looking to learn more about drum mixers, click here to learn about our product line.

Even Mix(tm) drum mixers are versatile and can handle anything from a gallon to 55 gallons. They are lightweight and easy to use. They can be used with drums and plastic pails as well as mixing vessels that are custom-designed. Even Mix(tm) drum mixers are perfect for use in laboratories and industrial settings.

The Cary Company carries hundreds of drum mixers and agitators. Their product line includes mixers for 55-gallon drums, tube mixers, bung-mount mixers and clamp mounts to open-top drums. These mixers are safe from explosions and come with electric and pneumatic motors. Some even feature gear-drive systems.

The blades of the Dynaflow are similar to the blades in an airplane propeller, marine engine propeller, and sunflower petals. Dynaflow mixers have angled blades that help to break down lumps and homogenize mixed materials. They reduce excessive foaming and help in mixing. They may not be the best choice for all situations.

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