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Mareiti did not take part in the torture or murder of Ms Triscaru or Mr Breton however she was instrumental in luring them to the compound. She also helped load the toolbox onto a ute, and cleaned their blood.

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The gruesome double murder of Iuliana Triscaru and Cory Breton is one of the most horrific crimes in Queensland history. The two were entangled to be tortured, stuffed into a toolbox and then plunged into the murky depths of Logan dam, where they drowned fighting for their lives.

Daniels who was found guilty of torture and murder this week, was also implicated at the time. He was described by an official as the “ringleader” who manipulated everyone involved to fulfill his demands.

Thrupp, another Daniels loyal lieutenant, performed according to the instructions. He helped load the box onto the ute, drove it to Scrubby Creek and dumped it in the water. He also restrained Ms. Triscaru when she ran away from the toolbox and helped clean up blood after the murders. He pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the first day of his trial, but was found guilty of torture and murder this week.

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A judge called the murders of IulianaTriscaruand Cory Breton “unspeakable evils of the most horrible kind”. He said that it demonstrated an utter lack of humanity. He directed Daniels, Thrupp and Taiao to serve at least 30 years in prison. The trio was lured to the Kingston unit, assaulted, tied up and forced into the toolbox. The box was driven to a dam south of Brisbane. The toolbox was dumped into Scrubby Creek lagoon. A judge ruled that Thrupp, Daniels’ loyal lieutenant, was involved in the plan to torture the two men and murder the two. He was instrumental in restraining the two and was also involved in forcing them back into the box after Ms Triscaru fled. He was also responsible for loading the toolbox on his ute before driving it to the dam to take it away.

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