Lucas Advisors now offers elder care advice nationwide

Lucas Advisors, a counseling service for seniors, now operates across the United States. The nationwide service now caters to seniors and their families, regardless of location.

Lucas Advisors is one of the leading senior care consulting firms based in Charleston. The company over the years has helped seniors from across the city get the elder care they needed. However, Lucas Advisors has decided to expand its operations beyond Charleston throughout the United States. That would effectively mean the company is actively expanding, aka opening offices in various cities across the city to offer walk-in consultations. It will also mean that the company will begin to forge alliances with other companies, as is the case in Charleston, to provide a better, more personalized service.

Lucas Advisors, a counseling service for seniors

Today, as America’s growing aging population needs help, services like Lucas Advisors are the go-to resource. When many people grow old, as we all eventually do, it can often be difficult to maintain a semblance of normal life. Even something simple like mowing the lawn or taking out the trash can be a big challenge. It can be a bigger problem for some seniors than for others; Still, everyone struggles with it at some point, and close family members often seek a solution. That’s where professionals like Lucas Advisors, LLC come in.

Lucas Advisors offers senior care counseling for both seniors and their families. The company is working to find a solution that works for everyone to ensure the seniors’ best interests are considered.

Readers can learn more about Lucas Advisors, LLC and schedule an appointment with the company by visiting the website

Lucas Advisors offers aged care advice

“Many people have one or both parents who need support. Often it’s more support that one or two people from out of town can provide. As Americans tend to travel extensively for work, they leave behind seniors, many of whom may find caring for their parents or other relatives a challenge. Fortunately, as we expand our operations in the United States, we have the opportunity to work with more people, especially seniors and their families, who need our help. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed, allow us to help.” Said a representative from Lucas Advisors, LLC.

she added “If you have strong feelings about how you want to live and where you want to live, or are struggling to manage and plan your living arrangements, no matter where you are in the United States, we can help. Lucas Advisors provides a one-time planning and ongoing coordination and management service that gives you peace of mind and allows you to focus on living a meaningful life. Our goal is to help solve problems.”

About Lucas Advisors

Luke’s advisor is a senior care consultancy led by Luke Daniels as Senior Care Consultant. The company aims to help people through the often delicate and complex process of planning for their old age. The passionate team guides people and prepares them to lead independent and comfortable lives. The company has been taking care of people since 2004 with Luke at the helm of the company. Luke is also involved in elder care and is part of the community.


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