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Provides intelligent solutions to the question of how to hang picture frames

Fritan Technology, a renowned product development and engineering company, has given a shot in the arm to people who often struggle with the question “how to hang picture frames”.

Fritan technology is a leading name for innovative and intelligent designs that have resulted in sensational products that fit perfectly the needs of home repair, renovation and decoration industry. With the help of these products, it has earned the trust of homeowners and professionals who can find simple solutions to everyday problems or furnishing limitations they face.

But that’s not all; Fritan Technology regularly provides valuable information that provides readers with crucial insights. For example, it has now made things easier for those struggling with hanging photo frames. It may seem like a fairly easy task after purchasing the best picture frame. But that’s not the case, and improper placement or technique can result in poor results.

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This is where the article presented by Fritan Technology has its advantages. First of all, it is about the aesthetics as well as the technical aspects of picture frames for hanging. It also talks about the importance of unique tools that ensure people can hang picture frames without damaging their walls. In fact, this step-by-step guide has everything to make the task efficient and convenient for people.

The first step in the instructions deals with fitting the correct suspension which should be available with the picture frame. However, if that is not the case or it has been misplaced, then it can easily be purchased online. Those concerned with hanging picture frames also need to consider the spacing issues. The article suggests the gap should be at least 1 inch, but around 3 inches to 6 inches when hanging over other pieces of furniture.

Ensuring the picture frames are level is the next step and this can be accomplished by distributing the weight evenly on both sides. Fritan Technology recommends using a standard ruler to show if the weight has been evenly distributed. To ensure the frame is in exactly the right place, one needs to measure the distance from the top of the frame and the wire or basket. The article highlights the Advantages of Framan clothes hangers.

Fritan Technology adds that these hangers eliminate the problems caused by traditional solutions. They temporarily stick to the center of the picture frame and connect with screws held at a slightly perpendicular angle to the mount. Although they are made of high-strength materials, they are soft polymers that will not scratch the walls.

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